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Scorecards have become a primary tool for successfully driving strategic performance for sales organizations around the world. They can be used to maximize the success of your sales process resulting in more revenue and less risk.

How it works

Membrains Scorecards work by identifying the strengths and weaknesses within a specific area of your sales project, and highlighting this before it becomes a potential risk. They can help you improve probability rates and forecasting, as well as flag when you should reconsider the suitability of a deal.

How to set up a scorecard


Step by step:

Start by documenting key elements of your sales process that you believe have a big impact on its potential success or failure. Lets take the Opportunity Scorecard as an example.

  1. From the process editor, create a new step and call it "Opportunity Scorecard"
  2. Click into the step and click on the "Add Details/Tools" to the right
  3. Choose Scorecard and click on "New Scorecard" up top
  4. Give your Scorecard a name and start to add your questions, along with possible answers and scores. Scores can be either a positive or a negative numerical value.
  5. Once you've created your first question, you can go right ahead and create a Group and call it "Relationship Dynamic", where you can continue to add questions that are relevant.
  6. Continue adding questions with their answers, scores and groups to build up your scorecard.



As always, we're here to help and would love to hear your feedback on this useful feature in Membrain. Let us know if you have any questions on how best to setup Scorecards by emailing us at and we'll be happy to help.