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Email is one of the most powerful tools available to us as sales people today, but it can be time consuming sifting through your inbox in search of those really important emails that require your attention.

Prioritize your email

Membrains dedicated Sales Inbox automatically identifies your important incoming messages and separates them out from everything else. By default, Sales Inbox splits your email into three sections: “Sales Projects,” “Prospects,” and “Other.” Its almost like a personal assistant, helping you organize emails by priority and allowing you to focus your time where its needed most.


Email related to Sales Projects

Right at the top, highlighted in orange, you will see all incoming emails from stakeholders and participants from your current Sales Projects. 

Email related to Prospects

Next, highlighted in blue, you will see all of your emails from contacts within your current Prospecting Campaigns.

All Other Email

Anything else, that is not deemed an important email address from either your sales projects or prospecting campaigns will appear below in a neutral color.

How it works

Membrain looks at the email address of the incoming mail and checks to see if it matches one of your contacts email addresses. If it does, it will show it in the correct heading in the Sales inbox (Sales Projects/Prospects/Other). You can then choose to save it to Membrain, with the options outlined below.

If your contact is using more than one email address (e.g. business and private) be sure to add this secondary email address to their contact information so Membrain can manage the email thread effortlessly from both addresses.  Learn how to do this here Managing Contacts

Saving emails to Membrain

A huge benefit to using Sales Inbox is the ability to save incoming emails to Membrain. From the Sales Inbox, click into or hover over an email and click "Save to Membrain" to make sure your emails are saved to Membrain in the correct context. 

These emails will now be visible in the Activity Stream for the sales project/prospect that this contact is related to, as well as in their Contact and Company views.  


  1. Click on the suggested sales project or prospect to save the email to the activity stream of that opportunity, or simply click "Save to Membrain" to only save it to the related contact and company. 
  2. Click "Save to Membrain and Delete from Server" will save your email as you have chosen, as well as deleting it from your email client.
If you have multiple emails you would like to save to a specific company/contact or Sales Project/Prospect, hold down Ctrl on your keyboard and select the emails you wish to save, hover and then choose what you would like to do with those emails, as above.

Additional features

Some other options available are "create task" from the email itself, or "move" it to a sub-folder within your email client (eg. outlook or gmail). 

There are also options to search for an email, create a new blank email or delete an email, all available from the menu up top.

Creating and Sending email

Writing a new email in Membrain couldn't be easier. Anywhere you see an email address, simply click on it and a new email window will pop up ready for you to start typing. This might be from a Stakeholders list within a Sales Project, from a Prospect view, from the top toolbar in a sales project or even by replying to an email in the Activity Stream.  

Or create a new email any time directly from the Membrain Menu


This is the Write new email window in Membrains email client. From here you can do the following:

  • Add Recipients  - Based on where you have created this email from within Membrain, this recipients dropdown list may or may not already be populated. Membrain will offer you options to add additional recipients from within the same company. 
    To:, CC: and BCC: fields are available, and also a "Unique" option which allows you to send emails to a group, meaning unique recipients will not see each others email addresses in the email. Learn more about this feature in this article about Email Templates
  • Formatting toolbar - here you will find the usual formatting options you are familiar with, plus some extras including, add a link, clear formatting, insert a Snippet and attach a file. Snippets are small pieces of text, one or two liners that you often use that you can quickly insert to make typing an email even faster.
  • Load template - These templates are pre-written emails that you or a colleague has composed in advance, to make creating repetitive emails easier. 
  • Below the main body of your email, you will find two dropdown lists, which Membrain may prepopulate if a related sales project or prospecting is found relating to this email, or you can choose to change this to something you would like to connect it to.
  • To the right, you can see what activity type this email will be saved as, or set it to whatever you prefer. For this example we've chosen "Email - Proposal"
  • Toggle on/off Save in Membrain - this option allows you to save to Membrain or not. If you turn this on (set as green) this email will be saved to the right context, i.e. the related contact, company and any sales projects or prospects. This email will then be visible in each corresponding activity stream, and also in the story stream.
  • Email Tracking - with this handy function turned on, Membrain will let you know when your email has been read, and even when a link in your email has been clicked on. These notifications appear as they happen in Membrain Guide
  • Send Email - click here once you're happy with your mail.

Setting up the Sales Inbox

To start using these awesome features only available to you with the Sales Inbox, go to My Settings -> Email -> Choose Membrain as your mail client and add your mail settings.

Read a full step by step guide on how to do this in Email Setup - Membrains Sales Inbox