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Email is one of the most powerful tools available to us as salespeople today, but it can be time-consuming sifting through your inbox in search of those really important emails that require your attention. This is where Membrain's Sales Inbox helps makes your day a lot more productive.

A unique view of your inbox

Membrain's dedicated Sales Inbox automatically identifies your important incoming messages and separates them out from everything else. By default, Sales Inbox splits your email into three sections: Sales Projects emails, Prospect emails, and Other emails. It's almost like a personal assistant, helping you organize emails by priority and allowing you to focus your time where its needed most.

How does it work?

Membrain looks at the email address of the incoming mail and checks to see if it matches one of your contacts email addresses. If it does, it will show it in the correct heading in the Sales inbox (Sales Projects/Prospects/Other). You can then choose to save it to Membrain, with the options outlined below.



Email related to Sales Projects

Right at the top, highlighted in marine blue, you will see all incoming emails from stakeholders and participants from your current Sales Projects. 

Email related to Prospects

Next, highlighted in orange, you will see all of your emails from contacts within your current Prospecting Campaigns.

All Other Email

Everything else that arrives into your inbox is filtered down the list and appears in the Other email section. What ends up here are emails coming from contacts that are not related to sales projects or prospects or just plain old personal email. These less important emails will show in a neutral color.  


If your contact is using more than one email address (e.g. business and private) be sure to add this secondary email address to their contact information so Membrain can manage the email thread effortlessly from both addresses.  Learn how to do this here Managing Contacts

Customizing your view

There are lots of ways you can manage your inbox from Membrain, with a host of different sorting, grouping and filtering options. Try out some of the options below and find the view that suits you best. 

The configuration column gives you a selection of options to choose from, including:


  •  See a count of all your emails in each section, with an additional count for unread emails
  • Toggle on or off the sections that are important to you right now, and get a clearer picture of your mailbox. Not much happening in Prospecting right now?  Turn it off, and focus on what's important to you
  • 8 top communicators and their profile pictures. Hover over a company logo or contact profile picture to see just how many emails have been received
  • Or click on a profile picture to go directly to a list of all the emails between you both
  • Go directly to all the emails with attachments and save time finding documents
  • Show all emails with meeting invites or updates attached
  • Sent Mail Insights - A brand new feature which gives you analytical data about how your recipients are engaging with your email.
    Read about Sent Mail Insights below to learn more.

    Additional predefined filters (top left) allow you to Group and Sort your email. The default setting is to group email by type, using the 3 sections mentioned above; Sales Project emails, Prospect emails, and Other emails. Though if you prefer to use a more traditional layout, you can use these settings:
  • Group by Date, Sender, Company, Sales Project, Prospect or None
  • Sort by Date or Date ascending 

Sent Mail Insights

Understanding what happens to your email once you hit that send button is a game changer. Seeing information such as when your mail was read or if/when a link was clicked can help you stay ahead of the game, providing you with inside knowledge about your communication with contacts and prospective clients.

With Sent Mail insights you can see all this information at a glance, with a graph showing you how many emails you've sent (yellow) and how many have been read (green) by date.

Additional detailed information is also available about specific emails you've sent, showing you how your contact has engaged with your email. Click through to access the email again and review your communication easily, and follow up if necessary.



Additional functionality 

Save emails to Membrain

A huge benefit to using Sales Inbox is the ability to save incoming emails to Membrain. From the Sales Inbox, click into or hover over an email and click Save to Membrain to make sure your emails are saved to Membrain in the correct context. Of course, responding to an email from Membrain will record your response, along with the email thread automatically.

These emails will now be visible in the Activity Stream for the sales project/prospect that this contact is related to, as well as in their Contact and Company views.  


  1. Click on the suggested sales project or prospect to save the email to the activity stream of that opportunity, or simply click "Save to Membrain" to only save it to the related contact and company. 
  2. Click "Save to Membrain and Delete from Server" will save your email as you have chosen, as well as deleting it from your email client.
If you have multiple emails you would like to save to a specific company/contact or Sales Project/Prospect, hold down Ctrl on your keyboard and select the emails you wish to save, hover and then choose what you would like to do with those emails, as above. 

Follow up on emails

Creating a task based on an email you've received has never been easier.

Hover over an email and select the Create Task option to create a new Task with the Contact/Company/Sales Project or Prospect already related. This will automatically copy all the relevant details from the email into the task, along with the company and contact information.

Maintain a tidy Sales Inbox

There are lots of easy ways to keep on top of your email and stay productive. 

Hover over an email and select delete to either delete the email from Membrain only or to delete it both from Membrain AND from your email client. 

Or if you like to organize rather than delete, you can Move emails to another folder you have created in your email client. Hover over an email and select Move to see a list of your own personal subfolders, replicated from your own email client. Simply select which folder you want to move the mail to. This results in the email being moved to that folder in your email client, and no longer being visible in Membrain's Sales Inbox.


Setting up the Sales Inbox

To start using these awesome features only available to you with the Sales Inbox, go to My Settings -> Email -> Choose Membrain as your mail client and add your mail settings.

Read a full step by step guide on how to do this in Email Setup - Membrains Sales Inbox