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All sales organizations that use Membrain organically collect data, whether specifically asking for the input from sales people, or just by using the capabilities built-in to the software. What many of our clients and partners have asked for, is to allow for some more flexibility and creativity regarding how to work with that data to turn into actionable insights.

Enter Membrains Dashboard.

What is it?

The dashboard is the place where you can use virtually any data you can imagine inside of Membrain and create stunning visualizations. These can help drive strategic initiatives, help you hone down on specific parts of your sales process or act as an entirely new daily starting point for sales leaders in Membrain.

For all Membrain clients that are on the Excellence tier, it can be found as a new tab in the Sales Analysis pages. If you're curious about upgrading, or would like access to this new view. Just reach out to your customer success representative at Membrain, or drop us a line at and we'll explore the best way to do this.

What can it be used for?

This view is incredibly flexible and easy to use, and you can create several dashboards, each with a specific objective in mind. Here are just some examples of views that you can create within minutes:

  • A fully customized forecast view
  • A central starting point for the board meeting
  • A weekly, monthly or quarterly team report view
  • The sales leader's bird's eye view of key aspects of all your sales efforts
  • Quantify ROI from your marketing efforts
  • Visualize and maximize the effectiveness of a partner/reseller channel network
  • Visualizing progress on key corporate strategic initiatives
  • Create easy-to-understand graphs showing results by territory, rep, product line, industry and more
  • Replace the pipeline view that has traditionally been a company or sales leaders' starting point in Membrain
  • If there is anything you want to see in Membrain and you wonder if this new view might be helpful? Reach out to and we'll take a look at it together.