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Recording all of your activities around a Sales Project or Prospect is a crucial part of keeping track of events and ensuring all of your notes, appointments and tasks are easily available. Its also important that this information is accessible for your colleagues or sales coach to help improve collaboration among the team.

What is an Activity

In Membrain, an Activity is an Appointment, Task, Note, Phone call or Email created in the past or the future. There are many ways these can be stored in Membrain.

Depending on where you create these Activities from, Membrain will suggest relationships for you to link these Activities to. For instance, if you create any activity from within a sales project or prospect, Membrain will automatically link it to the correct sales project, company and contact.  Adding an appointment from a Company, contact, or from calendar, Membrain will ask you to relate the appointment to the correct Sales Project or Prospect. 

Although... if you are currently within a sales project or prospect when you open the calendar, Membrain will do the work for you and automatically link it correctly for you.    

*Ensuring activities are recorded in the correct context is of paramount importance to ensure all activity reporting, filtering or activity goals reflect the correct information.


Appointments can be described as a meeting over the phone, via webinar or a meeting in person.

Calendar View

Appointments are visible in the Activity Stream and also in your Membrain Calendar where you can view all your appointments in a day or week view, edit upcoming appointments and even drag and drop them to change dates or times.  Filtering options are also available to help you find just the appointments you're looking for.  

Creating appointments from the Calendar

You can very quickly create an appointment directly in the Calendar, either by clicking on the New Appointment button from the main menu, or once in the Calendar, clicking on the New Appointment button, top right.

If you have a sales project or prospect open in the background, this new appointment will automatically be related to it, otherwise you will need to manually relate the new appointment to the relevant sales project.  

Creating appointments from a Sales Project


  1. Click on the Appointment button in the top toolbar.
  2. If you want to be specific about the type of appointment this is (e.g. meeting or webinar) select the activity type from the list.
  3. Set a reminder for yourself by clicking on the bell icon. (Reminder sent via email 10 minutes before).
  4. The appointment will automatically be logged under the sales project and relevant company and contact, though you can change this if required.
  5. Select who the owner of this appointment is (if you're creating this appointment on behalf of a colleague) or leave the default setting as you
  6. Add the relevant participants.
  7. Add a location (our office, customer site, etc).
  8. Enter the details for the appointment in the main text field.
  9. Choose a date and time for this appointment.
  10. If this will be an online meeting and you're using the Zoom integration, click on the zoom icon to create the meeting automatically. You will see the meeting details added to your appointment contents.
  11. Click Create.

Once created, you can send invites to the participants from the options along the bottom, or later email everyone about a change in Agenda or address.

Creating appointments from a Prospect


  1. Click the blue Schedule Next button to the right of the Prospect Card.
  2. Choose Book Appointment.



  1. Click on the Appointment button in the top toolbar and
  2. Follow the same steps outlined above to create the appointment.


Creating appointments out of context

It is possible to create appointments from other areas of Membrain, outside of the context of a Sales Project or Prospect. For example from the Company or Contact view. However, you must remember to relate the appointment to the correct Sales Project or Prospect to ensure that it is logged correctly for tracking and reporting reasons. 

Its important to understand that if you have specific Activity Goals relating to appointments, you must ensure:
1. You are set as the organiser
2. Appointment type matches your goals
3. The appoinement is related to the correct company



A task is a piece of work that needs to be done or undertaken. This can be a simple check of information, or a larger assignment that is part of an overall project. Creating tasks adds these to your task list, much like a to-do list but with all the relevant information right there at your fingertips.

Tasks List View

From the Task icon on the main menu, you can manage your own tasks list and see tasks that you have been assigned to, as well as tasks that you have assigned to colleagues.  There are also filtering options available from this tasks view, making task management even easier.

Creating tasks from the Tasks list

You can create a task directly from this task list, either by clicking on the New Task button from the main menu, or once in the tasks list, clicking on the New Task button, top right.


Creating Tasks from a Sales Project

  1. Click on the Task button in the top toolbar
  2. Enter the details of the follow-up task you are scheduling
  3. Click on the drop down list to add participant to whom the follow-up is related to
  4. If you want to add a deadline, choose the date and time.
  5. Click on the Flag icon up top to mark it as important and generate a reminder in advance of the deadline. If it is not completed by this time, it will be marked as Overdue.
  6. If you would like to assign this task to a colleague, click on the drop down and choose who from the team is responsible for this task. They will receive an alert in Membrain Guide, and also an email advising them of the task assigned.

* You can also create Follow-Up Tasks directly from an Appointment or a Task, to act as a reminders. Click on the Create Follow-Up Task link found in the bottom right of the appointment or task window.

Creating Follow-up tasks from a Prospect

  1. Click the blue Schedule Next button to the right of the Prospect Card
  2. Choose Create Follow-up task


  1. Click on the Follow-up task button in the top toolbar and
  2. Follow the same steps outlined above to create the appointment

Creating tasks out of context

Tasks can also be created from other areas of Membrain, outside of the context of a Sales Project or Prospect. For example from the Company or Contact view, more menu. However, you must remember to relate the task to the correct Sales Project or Prospect to ensure that it is logged correctly for tracking and reporting reasons.

In the weekly view of your calendar, you can see a short listing of tasks for each day.  
Hover over the day you want to create the task for and click Create Task on the button that appears next to the date


Time isn't always on our side, but its still important to quickly record a telephone conversation, or make a brief note about something you've just discovered. The easiest way to do this is to use the Notes field in the activity stream throughout Membrain. 

Creating notes from the Activity Stream

Whether you’re adding the information to a Company, Contact, Sales Project or Prospect:

  1. Scroll down to the Notes box at the top of the Activity Stream.
  2. Enter your notes.
  3. Once done, click on Activity Type and pick the most appropriate type from the list.
  4. If required, add a participant that may be involved to link them to the activity.  
  5. Click Create.


Creating Notes from a Sales Project or Prospect

  1. Click on the Notes button in the top menu.
  2. Create the note as described above.

Phone Calls

If you have ip telephony software (such as Skype) installed on your computer, you can make calls through Membrain by simply clicking on any phone number you have saved to a Company or Contact. Clicking on the Call button brings up a dialogue box where you can click to make the call then add notes about the conversation.

The first time you click the Call button to make a call, your browser will ask you which application you would like to use to make the call. This will then be the default software used going forward

Add your conversation notes

To save the details about a telephone conversation you've just had, add the details in the notes box.


  1. Choose the right Activity Type that suits the call best.  
  2. Choose the Related Sales Project or Prospect
  3. You can either Save Activity or Save and Follow Up directly from here, which you can use to set a helpful reminder to contact them again in the future.



Email is a crucial part of anybody's work day, and as such we have created an article dedicated just to email. Read this article about email options in Membrain to get up to speed on how Membrain can help you stay on top of your email, and make it work for you Email options in Membrain