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Creating and recording all of your activities around a Sales Project or Prospect is a crucial part of communicating with your contacts and at the same time, keeping track of events and ensuring all of your notes, appointments, and tasks are easily available.

It's also important that this information is accessible for your colleagues or sales coach to help improve collaboration among the team.


What is an Activity

In Membrain, an Activity is an Appointment, Task, Note, Phone call or Email created in the past or the future. There are many ways these can be created and stored in Membrain.

Depending on where you create these Activities from, Membrain will suggest relationships for you to link these Activities to. For instance, if you create an activity from within a sales project or prospect, Membrain will automatically link it to the related sales project, company and contact.  Adding an appointment from a Company, contact, or from the Sales calendar, Membrain will ask you to relate the appointment to the correct Sales Project or Prospect. All activities you carry out will be added to the Activity Stream of the related Sales Project/Prospect/Company or Contact.

Ensuring activities are recorded in the correct context is of paramount importance to ensure all activity reporting, filtering or activity goals reflect the correct information.

Activity Types

There are 5 different Activities you can carry out in Membrain, and all have a different role to play in how you communicate, collaborate, and progress towards achieving your sales goals. Additionally, adding a custom field, like Meeting Notes, or Phonecall Outcome to the Appointment or Call dialog adds an additional layer of insight into the activity itself by allowing salespeople to add relevant information after the activity is completed. To learn more go to Using Custom Fields with Activities.


Appointments can be described as a meeting over the phone, via webinar or a meeting in person. They can be created from the Sales Calendar or from within a Sales Project or Prospect. You can send invites to participants and even add a link to a Zoom online meeting if required.



A Task is a piece of work that needs to be done or undertaken. This can be a simple check of information or a larger assignment that is part of an overall project. Creating tasks adds these to your task list, much like a to-do list but with all the relevant information right there at your fingertips.



Time isn't always on our side, but it's still important to quickly record a telephone conversation or make a brief note about something you've just discovered. The easiest way to do this is to add a simple Note using the Notes field in the activity stream throughout Membrain.


Phone Calls

If you have ip telephony software (such as Skype) installed on your computer, you can make phone calls through Membrain by simply clicking on any phone number you have saved to a Company or Contact. Clicking on the Call button brings up a dialogue box where you can click to make the call then add notes about the conversation.



Email is a crucial part of anybody's workday, and with integrations to Gmail, Office 365 and Exchange, prioritizing your sales and prospecting email has never been easier. Use templates and snippets throughout the process along with Sent Mail Insights to track engagement and help you in your sales efforts.


Reporting on Activity

Filter Activity Lists in CRM

Activity Management is paramount in ensuring the required amount of work is being done to win a Sales Project or Qualify a Prospect. And keeping track of activities, both past and future, is made easy using Activity lists, found in the CRM area in the Membrain Menu. Go to Activity Lists to learn more.

Reports on Dashboard

Dashboard is a great way to show activity level tracking amongst the team. and show a count of the total number of times this activity type has been used in your organization. mceclip0.png