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Learning how to use a new system can be daunting, which is why we work incredibly hard to make Membrain as intuitive and easy as possible to use.

This article covers basic navigation and what you can expect to find in each different view. 

Membrains Main Menu

Membrains main menu is found along the left side of the screen and is always visible, regardless of where you are.

The options available to you are dependent on which version of Membrain you are using and what user rights you have been granted. Below is a list of all options for users with full administrative rights working in Membrains top tier - the Excellence tier.



Use this global search feature to find anyone or anything in all of Membrain. Just start typing and Membrain will suggest results and narrow them as you continue to type. The enhanced search capability also allows searching for phone numbers without an exact match and Membrain will show potential contacts associated with that number. Your last search results are available to you when you search again, making it even more helpful to pinpoint exactly what you were looking for.  


Sales Projects

The Sales Projects area of Membrain is where you will find all Sales Projects - both Open and Won/Archived. There are two ways to view Sales Projects:

Active Pipeline: This is where you can see a visual overview of the pipeline, which stage each sales project is at within a sales process, how healthy each sales project is, along with lots more useful information at a glance. 

Sales Projects List: This view shows you those same Sales Projects, but in a list view. This view has more options for filtering, making batch changes and exporting reports to Excel, amongst other things.

There is also a handy list of recently viewed Sales Projects, as well as the ability to create a New Sales Project.



All of your prospects are found in the Prospecting area of Membrain, where you manage and track your prospects and prospecting campaigns. View all your prospects in a useful list view, and filter and configure this view to suit your needs. 

There is also a handy list of recently viewed Prospects, as well as the ability to create a New Prospect.



While Membrain is far from a traditional CRM system, it still provides a database of your companies and contacts. The CRM area of Membrain provides a list of the Companies and Contacts in two separate view. 

There is also an Activities list available here, which shows you all activities past and previous and is filterable and viewable in many different ways.


Story Stream

The Story Stream displays the activity log for all users of Membrain, listing activities in chronological order. Filter by individual user or sales team, as well as by Sales Process or Campaign, and even by activity type and date. 

Activity Goals and other key metrics are also visible for the team here, on the right hand side of this view.


Sales Analysis

The sales analysis view provides statistics and trends for both prospecting and sales projects. Among other things, these views present an overview of your sales efforts, how teams are performing against their targets and the ever popular customizable Dashboards.


Sales Inbox

Sales Inbox splits your email into three sections: Sales Projects, Prospects and Other. Its almost like a personal assistant, helping you organize emails by priority and allowing you to focus your time where its needed most.


Sales Calendar

Membrains Sales Calendar is available here, helping you keep on top of your busy schedule with options to view your calendar in both day and week modes. You can view your colleagues calendar from the dropdown option as well as lots of other useful features.



The Tasks list keeps all of your tasks in one central location, making it easy to manage your assigned, overdue and future tasks. Predefined and customizable views are also possible to help you prioritize your work and keep on top of your to do list. 


Profile Area


My Settings

Here you can personalize your account with things like adding a profile picture, change your password and set other system preferences like language, currency, timezone etc.

System Setup

This area is only available for Administrators of Membrain. All system related setup and configuration is done from here. 

Log Out

Clicking here will log you out of Membrain.  Useful if you're using a shared computer to ensure security of your data. 

Need Help? 


Support is always at hand, by clicking on the Need Help icon at the bottom right of your screen. From here you can:

  • Log a support ticket or provide feedback on the system to our dedicated support team. This is the same as emailing
  • Search the knowledge base for articles such as this one to help you learn more about Membrain
  • Watch related videos and short how to guides about a range of different areas of Membrain.

Membrain Guide

All along the right hand side of your screen is where Membrain Guide lives. All notifications from Membrain appear here, including email tracking, mentions in comments, alerts etc. Anything that Membrain wants you to be aware of will show up here, ready for you to deal with directly.  

Keyboard Shortcuts

For quick access to key areas in Membrain, use these handy shortcut keys. Just click the corresponding letter from anywhere in Membrain to jump directly to that area.   

  • S - Search - Global search for anything or anyone in all of Membrain
  • F - Find - look for something within the view you are currently in. This works in Sales Projects, Prospects, Companies and Contacts
  • M - Mail - Takes you directly to your Sales Inbox
  • C - Calendar - Takes you directly to your Sales Calendar
  • T - Tasks - Takes you directly to your Tasks List Manager
  • Q - Pipeline - Takes you directly to the Pipeline View
  • W - Prospect - Takes you directly to the Prospect List View
  • E - CRM - Takes you directly to the Companies and Contacts list views
  • A - Sales Analysis - Takes you directly to the Sales Analysis Area (Performance, Dashboard, Win/Loss, Weekly Report)
  • D - Story Stream - Takes you directly to the Story Stream 
  • H - Content Hub - Takes you directly to the Content Hub