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Being able to collaborate and communicate with colleagues about important events is critical when working with complex sales, and with Membrain Guide you can do this easily and from one central place.

Membrain Guide is a collaborative platform for the entire sales team. Comments and mentions appear here where you can respond directly to keep the conversation going and be aware of everything that happens in your pipeline or with your prospects. 

Guide also adds intelligence to your day to day ensuring that you never miss a beat in your sales efforts. Upcoming appointment reminders, prospect/sales project health warnings and email tracking are all found here allowing you to stay focused on the important things.

How it works

Membrain Guide is found all along the right hand side of Membrain. It is always visible, though can be minimized to give you more screen with when needed.


Actions Available

  • Alerts are grouped by type to help you manage them.
  • Icons on at the top allow you to jump directly to a group
  • Hover over any alert to see its information. 
  • Click on an alert to get further information.
  • Click on the More_Menu_3_dots.PNG icon beside an alert to see options available. 
  • Drag or swipe left or right on your touch screen to dismiss an alert

Icons in the example here show:

  • A task with a reminder set for today.  Blue coloring indicates it is due now.
  • A comment on a sales project/prospect where you have been mentioned
  • An overdue task 
  • A red flag on a Sales Project
  • A yellow flag on a Sales Project
  • A red flag on a Prospect

Sales Project/Prospect alerts and messages

Any events that happen on a Sales Project or Prospect can show up as a notification in MB Guide. Some examples:

Sales Project Created
Sales Project Won
Stage Started
Step Completed
Yellow Flag
Owner Changed


Prospect Created
Prospect Qualified
Category Changed

You can quickly schedule a Follow-up Task, snooze the reminder or dismiss the notification.  

However, dismissing the notification does not dismiss the alert on the prospect or sales project itself.

Email Notifications

Here you will be informed when the recipient has opened your email, or even clicked on a link included in the email. You can choose to open the email or dismiss the alert

If you send an email to multiple recipients, you will receive an alert to say that someone has opened the email, not the name of the recipient in question. 

Task Management

Tasks due today, overdue tasks and tasks assigned to you are shown here, ready for you to action. Hover over the alert to see its details or mark as complete. Click on the alert to go directly to the task itself. 

Or click on the More_Menu_3_dots.PNG more icon to see options such as Open Task, Reschedule, Delete, Mark as Complete or Dismiss.

Mentions and Comments

This is where you will see any comments you have been mentioned in by a colleague or by your Sales Manager.  

From here you can reply to the comment or choose to go to the Sales Project to take a further look, or directly to the comment itself.


We’re excited to have Membrain Guide being a part of Membrain and will continue to add even more intelligence here going forward.