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It's easy to keep track of all your important activities in one place with Membrain's Integrated Sales Calendar. Here, you can see your scheduled meetings, phone calls and practically anything else you plan to do with your time, as well as past activities, and view them the way that suits you best.  


You can get to the Sales Calendar 2 ways: 

  • Simply by clicking C on the keyboard anywhere in Membrain will bring you directly to the Sales Calendar. 
  • Or from the Membrain Menu to the left



Choose between daily or weekly views to get a clear view of how your schedule looks from the outset.  

You can view your colleague's calendar too by simply choosing their name from the drop-down list in the top left corner.


Furthermore, you can filter and sort your views by type of event with just a few clicks. Just click on the blue drop-down lists to choose what you need to see.

Activity List

An additional feature in the Sales Calendar is the very useful list of activities you will see above your daily or weekly view.

This list shows you every activity you have carried out so far in your day or week, including emails, phone calls, tasks completed etc.  It will also show you upcoming reminders you have set which you can simply hover over to see further details.

Add an Appointment

To add an appointment in your calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Click anywhere you see a free slot and Add Appointment.
  2. Add the details of the appointment in the Notes field.  
  3. Click on the date and time above to drag the time box to the desired, date, time and length you require and set up as reoccurring if required.
  4. From this box, you can also add locations, participants, create an online Zoom meeting, send invites, link to related companies, and lots more to help you work smart and stay on top of your schedule.
  5. Learn more about creating appointments in this article Managing Activities

More functionality

There's lots of clever functionality with Membrain's calendar, including:

  • If you're viewing a colleagues calendar, you can book an appointment with them directly in their calendar, or create and appointment for them with a client or prospect. Just click on a blank space and choose from the 2 options.
  • If you're already in a Sales Project view when you go to the calendar (via the main menu or the C key shortcut) creating an appointment by clicking on a blank space will give you the option to create an appointment regarding that Sales Project.  
  • Drag 'n drop tasks and appointments between different days and times, drag an appointment up to the task field to create a task. You can even update closing dates on opportunities by moving them to another day. 
  • Filter the view to see just the activities you want by using the interactive header on the page filter what you want to see. Want to show only appointments, tasks and follow-ups related to prospecting activities or sales projects so you can see what's going in either of those contexts

Reminders and alerts

Membrain can be set to send you reminders about your upcoming appointments, in the form of alerts in Membrain Guide, or as an email, with lots of options for when you would like to receive them.

There are two ways to set up reminders:

  • Open the appointment, you will be an alarm icon up the top. Click here to add, edit or delete reminders.
  • Go into the Calendar settings in My settings, and change the default options for reminders 


You can choose to set your appointments as either Free or Busy, allowing you to manage your day the way you want to while ensuring your free/busy time is up to date. This is very handy when used along with Membrain Meet, allowing others to find available (and free) times in your calendar and book a meeting with you.

Set Free/Busy time by right-clicking on an appointment and choosing Mark as Busy or Mark as Free. Or, in the appointment itself click on the more menu to see these options.

Private appointments

Don't want your colleagues to see the details of all your appointments that sync from your private calendar? We've got that covered too. When setting up the sync, you can choose to have all appointments sync as private. They will still show in your Membrain Sales Calendar, but the contents will not be visible to anyone. These will also have an eye icon beside them to show that they are private.

Sync with other calendars

Currently using another calendar? No problem! Its easy to Sync your Google, Office365 or Outlook calendar with Membrain's Sales Calendar. 

If you are using a Gmail account, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to a G Suite Enterprise account when syncing Membrain to your Google Calendar. If you sync to a free end-user Gmail account, not all functionality is guaranteed - specifically Participant Invite Statuses.

This two-way sync ensures that all the appointments created in Membrain's Sales Calendar will appear in your other calendar. And of course, any appointments that have been made in your other calendar will also appear in your Membrain Sales Calendar so you can see what's on the agenda, regardless of where it came from.

This is true even for recurring events and full-day events that have been created in Google and Office365 calendars.

Synced appointments

Synced appointments are shown in your calendar with a dark grey background, so they're easy to spot.

Keep in mind that synced appointments cannot be modified in Membrain. Edits or changes can be completed in the calendar where the event was created, and will then be synced automatically and reflected in Membrain.



Setting up the sync

Just go to Calendar Sync in My settings and choose which calendar you would like to sync with.  Read this article Calendar Sync setup for a step by step guide.


Good to know

"Hey, why don't all my activities don't count towards my goals?"

Sometimes activities are created and not related to a sales project or prospect when they should be.  In this case, these activities won't be counted towards your goals. But don't panic just yet!  It's easy to fix by using the filter option in your calendar.  Filtering to find all activities that have not been properly tied to a sales project or prospect will help you find those gaps and fix them, so your activity metrics are correct.


    1. Click on the Filter icon, top right
    2. Select OTHER from the Show activities related to drop-down list
    3. Select ALL from the With activity type drop-down list
    4. Then, go through the activities which show up in your calendar and attach them to the relevant sales project or prospect.  These activities will then disappear from this view. You can now be certain that all of these activities are counted towards your goals so that you - both as a salesperson and sales leader - know that you're heading in the right direction.