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The Weekly Report is a very popular view for both Sales individuals and Management alike. It provides a visual overview of the size and health of the pipeline, along with up to date statistics on performance towards Effectiveness Objectives & Activity Goals and other measurables.

But whats really great about this view is that (permissions granted) you can view an individuals report, a teams combined report or a report for all users within your organisation. Of course, you can choose which date range to view too, so keeping an eye on trends in you or your teams sales efforts is a breeze.


The weekly report is broken down into 3 specific areas, briefly these are:

  1. Pipeline Status -  an overview of the size and health of the pipeline
  2. Effectiveness Objectives & Activity Goals -  a breakdown of performance against goals, other than revenue goals
  3. Deals Closed this Week - detalis about any deals that have been Won or Archived this week.

Pipeline Status

The Pipeline Status is a summary of the size and overall health of the pipeline. In the example below, we see that the pipeline for All Users on this Date Selected has Projects worth 116k which are in a healthy green state. There are Projects worth 17k which have yellow flags assocated with them. And finally we see Projects worth 4.5k which are unhealthy and are showing red flags. We also see that the Sales target goal of 66k is being smashed.


The color coded status bar helps us visualise the health of the process at a glance by representing these values in green, yellow, red blocks and we see the sales goal is also represented here as a blue line almost half way accross.

This pipeline is in great shape! And whats a healthy pipeline without some well earned praise? To the right we see a short summary, describing how well you're doing or if more work is needed and where.

Sales Goal details will only be shown if the Sales individual selected in this report actually has Sales Goals assigned to the specific process shown (not global goals) Learn more about setting Goals in this article.

Effectiveness Objectives & Activity Goals

This section shows the performance on other types of goals, apart from revenue. View statistics on things like the number of new projects created, first meetings conducted, or even phone calls attempted.

In the example below, we see Denzel is trailing on his goals so far this week. Though he may still have time to catch up and reach them by the end of the week. We can see how he's doing compared to his goals, and also how this compares to how he performed last week. On the other hand, Lupita is having a pretty productive week, and did so last week too. Perhaps its time to review her goals and adjust them according to her ability.

Learn how to create Activity types that are specific to your organisation in this help center article.


Deals Closed this Week

In this last section, we see a breakdown of the deals which have closed this week, listed per user or team member. These may be Sales Projects that have been won, as well as those which were not so successful and have been archived, or lost. A recap of which process the project belonged to, along with the total value of the deal is also shown.

Depending on the options you've chosen up top for this Weekly Report, you will also see total Value of all the Won Sales Projects, for the team and/or for the individual sales representative.


More insight and options

Whats very useful here is you can hover over the Sales Project name to get a quick overview of the details and why it was won/archived without having to leave this report.


And for even further details, click on a Sales Project name and follow through into the Project itself. Recap on (or edit) the specifics, including the reason the deal was won/archived plus any additional info or notes that were added when the deal was closed. 

From here, you can also choose how you would like to manage this sales project, now that its been closed. Further options allow you to change the status of the Sales Project, bring it back into your pipeline or perhaps go right back to prospecting again.