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Activity Management is paramount in ensuring the required amount of work is being done to win a Sales Project or Qualify a Prospect. And keeping track of activities, both past and future, is made easy using Activity lists, found in the CRM area in the Membrain Menu.


Using this tool, you can view Activity information based on Membrain user and Activity Type, and configure the list to show you what you want to see, and how you want to see it.

Go a step further and use filters to see information for a specific company, process or campaign to get a solid understanding of what work has been carried out where, and what is planned for the future.



Some examples of usage:

  • See how much activity has been carried out the past month, grouped by client
  • See how how many phone calls have been made per Membrain user the past month
  • See how many meetings are planned for all Sales Projects for the next 30 days, sorted by date

Customizing lists

There are lots of options available to configure your list exactly as you want it, with all the specific data you are looking for.

Pre-defined Filters

First, choose from the options at the top of the view to specify the overall information you are looking for.


 Click on the blue text to select:

  1. Which type of activities you wish to see
  2. Which predefined period you want the list to show (eg. last week, next month, all future etc)
  3. Choose a Filter (or create a new one)
  4. How to Sort the data
  5. How to Group the data

Configure your View

Then, use the Cogs_icon.PNGconfigure icon in the Name Column to find even more options and choose which specific data you wish to see.

From here you can select up to 20 different fields to show, and reorder them by dragging them up or down the list to the right hand side.


Once you're happy with your data, you can resize each column by hovering between each column header until a line with arrows appears, and drag left or right.
Or rearrange the columns by hovering on a column header until you see the Handle.PNGhandle icon appear beside it and drag/drop it left or right to where you want it.

Working with your data


If you spot some data that is incorrect or incomplete in the list, no problem!  Click into the activity and make the changes required. 


Once you have created the list of activities you wish to see, you may want to export it to use in Excel:

  1. Click on the More_Menu_3_dots.PNG more icon in the top right hand corner
  2. Choose Export.  This brings you to an options window.

From here you can specify additional fields to include in your export, as well as change the grouping and sorting, and save the configuration for use again. 

You can even make this export configuration available to your team or everyone in the organisation to help streamline reports and save time across the board. 

Likewise, you can upload a pre-saved configuration from this view also.


From here you can also import activities that may have historically been recorded in another system. 

  1. Click on the More_Menu_3_dots.PNG more icon in the top right hand corner
  2. Choose Import. 

To learn more about Importing Activities, read this article here