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The Active Pipeline view is by default your starting page when you log in to Membrain. Here you can see a visual overview of the health of your pipeline, which stage each sales project is at within a sales process, how healthy each sales project is, along with lots more useful information at a glance. 

Watch this short video for an overview of the Active Pipeline view



Quick filters

Options at the top of this view, which allow you to choose sales projects you would like to see, by user or by team. Choose which process you would like to include, and go even further with filters, sorting and grouping to give you the exact information you need. More on this below.


Below this, you will find a line of text that shows you the number of sales projects, total value and weighted value for the sales projects shown. To learn more about how Membrain calculates the weighted pipeline, read this article about Membrain Terminology.



To the right, you can create a new sales project, Find a project within this view, toggle between the project list view and the Active pipeline view, create and load saved Views, and from the more menu More_Menu_3_dots.PNG Click to see a helpful Pipeline Status summary.

Sales Projects and Stages

Each stage of your Sales Process is represented by the columns you see in this view. And each Sales Project is represented by a box with relevant information. These sales projects move through the pipeline from left to right, passing through each stage of the process from beginning to end of your sales cycle.  


Click on the toggle bar to the far right of the stages to see sales projects that you have archived or won the last 3 months. Hover over the toggle bar to get their statistics at a glance.

Or click on the toggle bar to the far left of the stages to see your current prospecting campaigns in a helpful list view (Performance & Excellence Customers)

Each sales project shows you:

  • project name (often the name of the company it's tied to),
  • value 
  • % probability of winning the deal
  • estimated closing date
  • sorted by information - if you have sorted the pipeline view by something that isn't shown by default in this sales project box, that additional information will appear.
  • progress bar - showing you how far in the process you have come, with the color indicating momentum and health of the project.
  • owners initials

Hover over a sales process to see even more information:

  • which process it belongs to
  • how long till closing date (in days)
  • next step in the process
  • last and next activities 
  • last progress made
  • details about puzzle pieces, yellow and red flags.  Click here to learn more

Quick Selections & Filters

Using quick selections and filters at the top of this view allows you to drill down to see the specific sales projects you want to. 

Use the PIPELINE FOR drop down list to filter and see only a specific sales person pipeline or a teams pipeline. The number of options available in this drop down list will depend on your user permissions.


You can also use the 4 selections in bold blue text to filter what you want to see.

  • Select the sales process (individual sales process or all)
  • Select any filter you wish to apply or create a new filter
  • Sort By* name, probability, value etc
  • Group the information to clear sections (user/team, closing date etc)
Rules from the sales process override sorting set in this view. For example: if you sort by value, Membrain will bring the largest sales projects to the top in each individual stage. But! A puzzle piece will always be above a sales project without any visual markers, a yellow flag will be placed above a puzzle piece and a red flag will always be on top.