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In Membrain, a prospect is a contact or company you want to pursue for potential future business. Through Prospecting Campaigns, Membrain helps you keep track of all prospects and gives you the tools to properly qualify each prospect before allocating time and resources to a sales project.

Finding Prospects

All of your prospects are found in the Prospect List View, by clicking on the binoculars.PNGProspect icon in the main menu

Click on thesearch_icon.PNGfind icon (top right) to locate a specific prospect in the list.
Or just hit s (search) on your keyboard from anywhere in Membrain and start typing!

Working with a Prospect

Main information

Clicking on a Prospect name slides the prospect in from the right.  From here you see all the information relating to this particular prospect, beginning with the following:

  • Prospect Name - description of the potential business related to this prospect
  • Company name - the company the prospect relates to. Sales Project and Prospect icons beside the company name show any other current prospects or active sales projects (hover to see details, and click to go there)
  • Contact name - the main person you are dealing with for this prospect.
  • Campaign - Which campaign this prospect belongs to (click to edit)
  • Category - What category this prospect belongs to (click to edit)
  • Owner - Who is responsible for this prospect 


Status box

Here you see specific information on the current status of the prospect including;

  • any warnings or flags about this prospect
  • any follow-up tasks scheduled for today, tomorrow or a custom date and time in the future. Click to go directly to the task to work with it now.
  • Information if the prospect was disqualified, and the opportunity to reactivate it as a prospect
  • Information if the prospect was successfully converted to a Sales project, and the opportunity to reactivate it as a prospect

Notes field

Here you can enter quick notes about a prospect.  Example during, or after a conversation with a prospect.


In the main body of this view is where you find Qualifiers.  These are the qualifying questions you need to ask the prospect to determine whether they are a good fit or not. Membrain guides you through these questions, step by step, to help you decide whether to disqualify the prospect, or to create a new Sales Project based on your answers.


Questions are specific to this Prospecting Campaign which has been designed to follow your companies prospecting strategy, and can take the form of text, numeric, multi or single select lists, or even scorecards. Click on each question to read more specifics about the question, and to add the information you have acquired. The answers you add then turn red or green... an indication as to whether the prospect will be a good fit or not.  

Schedule Next

Once you have entered your notes, schedule your next activity so you don't forget to follow up! Click on the blue button to the left and select one of the options available.


Book appointment:

If you successfully booked a meeting, click on book appointment and enter the time, date and location in your Membrain sales calendar

Create follow-up task:

If you need to complete a task before reconnecting with the prospect, click on this option. Set a date and time for when the task needs to be completed, mark it as important to have it show up as overdue in your task list, and add a note about what you need to do, including uploading a file to the task if required

Create Sales Project:

If all the qualifiers are green and this prospect is ready to be converted to an opportunity, select this option. A sales project will be created and you will automatically be taken to the opportunity view, where you can start working in line with your established sales process.

Disqualify Prospect:

If this prospect did not match your criteria for allowing it into your pipeline, select disqualify and add the reason in the drop down list presented. 

2 things can now happen:

  1. It can simply be listed as Disqualified. Disqualified prospects can be reactivated to be dealt with in the future
  2. An Automated Event can be set up to handle what happens to disqualified prospects. You can snooze this prospect or move it to a different prospecting campaign, ready to be dealt with by another team, at another time or using a different set of qualifying questions.
  • click disqualify
  • choose the reason why you're disqualifying the prospect (this will set the automated event into action)
  • if your prospect is snoozed it will be moved to the bottom of the list, until the time comes when you have set it to be worked on again
  • OR
  • if your prospect moves to a different prospecting campaign, it will appear there along with all the historical information that has previously been recorded.
  • The contact name does not follow on, and is now blank in order for you to select the relevant contact for this new attempt 


If you select appointment or follow-up task, the prospect will automatically be "snoozed" in the list until the time you have set for your next action and you can move on to your next prospect. All snoozed prospects will automatically have a faded appearance and be moved to the bottom of the list. When the next planned activity is set to take place, the faded appearance will be removed and it is again moved towards the top of the list. 

Contact Details

Here you have the complete contact details to both the Company and Main Contact for this particular prospect, including Contact title, direct phone, mobile phone, email address and links to their social media profiles. Along with Company information such as email, phone and website address.



And finally below addresses we find a list of all known Contacts related to this company. From here you can:

  • hover over a contacts name to see additional information.
  • click on the contacts name in this hover box to go directly to the contact view
  • add a title or upload a photo for this contact
  • click directly on the email link to open a new email to this contact
  • from this contacts list you can also add a new contact to the company and even view or create a new Organisational Chart

Activity Stream

Directly below these boxes, you find the Activity Stream. This is a great resource to see all the activity, past and future in chronological order. Every appointment, email, task, note... pretty much anything that ever happens within this Prospect is recorded here. And all filterable of course to help you easily find the information you need.

You can also comment on these activities to keep all discussions right there in context, and even mention your colleagues to get their immediate attention on specific items.

Learn more about this feature in this article about The Activity Stream