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The all-new Prospect Engagement Playbooks area of Membrain is designed to help you get the most out of your prospecting efforts.  It's now even easier to nurture and qualify each prospect effectively, before converting to a sales project.

Watch this short video to learn about Prospecting Engagement Playbooks, and the changes that we've recently introduced to the Prospecting area of Membrain.

Walkthrough video of Changes and Highlights

Finding Prospects

All of your prospects are found in the same place as before, in the Prospect List View, by clicking on the binoculars.PNGProspect icon in the main menu.
Or use the global search search_icon.PNG option to search for a prospect and go straight there.


Working with a Prospect

Clicking on a Prospect in the Prospect List view opens the details about the Prospect itself. From here, you can see all the information relating to this particular Prospect, broken down into a number of sections. Based on your campaign settings (configured by your Membrain administrator) you may or may not see all of these areas listed below.

Header information

In the upper part of this view, you find the fundamentals of the Prospect, broken down as follows:


  • Prospect Name - a descriptive name of the potential business related to this prospect. The name can be anything that makes sense to you - Company name, contact name or the specifics about the potential business you see with this prospect
  • Company name - the company the prospect relates to.
  • Sales Project and Prospect icons beside the company name show any other current prospects or active sales projects (hover to see details, and click to go there)
  • Campaign - Which campaign this prospect belongs to
  • Owner - Who is responsible for this prospect within your organization
Wherever you see text underlined with dots - click to edit
Wherever you see blue text - click to go to that item, hover to see additional information/links or click on the pen icon to edit.

Customize Detail Shown When Hovering on Prospects

When you go Prospect List View, you can hover over the Prospect name to see a snapshot of the most important information tied to it.  


The information shown in the view is easily customizable allowing you to choose which information is shown and in what order. Administrator can customize this view by going to:

  • System Setup - Select a Prospecting Campaign  mceclip0.png
  • Click on the CAMPAING SETTINGS
  • Under Preview Properties, click on ADD FIELDS to add more fields to be shown.  Reorder the fields you have chosen by dragging them up or down the list.mceclip2.png
  • Apply and Save your selection
  • Click on the Publish Process button up the top right corner to save your Process and publish it for use. 

Top Toolbar

  • Activity Creation - Email or call your contacts, or create a note, appointment or a task for yourself right here to keep communication flowing with your prospects.  And as you scroll down, this handy toolbar will stay with you. Learn more about Activity Creation in Membrain.

  • Create Sales Project - When you're confident this prospect is ready to enter your sales pipeline, select this option to convert to a sales project. A sales project will be created and you will automatically be taken to the Active Pipeline view, where you can start working with your established sales process.
  • Disqualify - If this prospect did not match your criteria for allowing it into your pipeline, select disqualify and add the reason in the drop-down list presented. Learn what happens when you Disqualify a Prospect.


Prospecting Process 

The Process is the heart of your Prospect Engagement Playbook. Each step guides you through the process to build and nurture the relationship between you and your contacts, with the specific steps and timing that works for you. Learn how to Create a Process to add to your Prospecting Campaign.

NOTE: Adding a Process to a Prospecting Campaign is only available to customers on the New Pricing Structure, who have purchased the full Prospecting Module.  Learn more on our website or contact us for more information.



Steps in the process are designed to guide you through a customized workflow with a Prospect, designed by your organization. And as you complete each step, Membrain automatically moves you to the next step in the process, until you reach a point where you can confidently qualify or disqualify the prospect.

Steps can come in lots of different formats, just like in a Sales Project. They can be simple checkboxes you complete once you've carried out the task at hand, or more complex steps like single or multi-select lists, date or text fields requiring research or prep before you're ready for the next step.

You can easily jump over a step that's not relevant to a particular prospect, by clicking on the name of the step you want to move to and clicking on the blue text Set as Next Step

Steps can even be added for unique situations on an individual prospect basis if you have Dynamic Campaigns Enabled. 

  • Check_box_Pep_step.PNG Checkbox  - a simple checkbox to confirm you have completed the task at hand
  • Multi_or_Single_Select_Pep_step.PNG Multi-select or single select step - record specific information like which competitors are also in the running, or what the prospect's pains are
  • Email_Pep_Step.PNG Write an email or send a template email to the stakeholders directly from this step
  • Phone_call_Pep_step.PNG Connect via phone - if you're using a softphone application you can make the call directly from this step on your computer
  • Appointment_Pep_Step.PNG Book an appointment with a contact and send an invite at the same time. And if you're using Membrain's Zoom integration, its all done with a couple of clicks
  • Wait_Pep_step.PNG Wait for x number of days before you move on to the next step in the workflow. 

Other tools can also be added to steps, like Playbooks, Scorecards or Qualifiers adding more sophistication to your process and helping you decide if the Prospect really is ready to enter your pipeline.

Dynamic Steps

Additional steps can be added for unique situations on a prospect by prospect basis, to allow you to manage each individual prospect in a unique way. If your Membrain administrator has enabled Dynamic Campaigns, you can click on the + sign which appears when you hover between steps, and add your own checkbox step, as required.



Using Stages in Prospecting allows you to break up the prospecting process into clear sections (or categories) allowing you to identify those prospects that have passed an important milestone or level of maturity.



Qualifiers are now found on the right-hand side of the Prospect. These are the qualifying questions you need to ask the prospect to determine whether they are a good fit or not and help you decide whether to disqualify the Prospect or to create a new Sales Project based on your answers.

Expand the Qualifiers list by clicking on Qualifiers or on the expand_icon.png icon to expand and see more. Click expand_collapse_icon.PNG to collapse and streamline your view.


Questions are specific to this Prospecting Campaign which has been designed to follow your companies prospecting strategy and can take the form of text, numeric, multi or single select lists, or even scorecards. Click on each question to read more specifics about the question, and to add the information you have acquired. The answers you add then turn green or yellow, an indication as to whether the prospect will be a good fit or not.


Companies & Contacts

Below Qualifiers, you find the complete contact details to both the Company and relevant Contacts for this particular prospect. Details available here can including Contact title, direct phone, mobile phone, email address and links to their social media profiles. Company information is also found in this area, helping you connect at any level.

Expand the Company & Contacts list by clicking on Company & Contacts or on the expand_icon.png icon to expand and see more. Click expand_collapse_icon.PNG to collapse and streamline your view.


Key contacts can now be set as a Stakeholder in a Prospect you're working on to help you differentiate between multiple contacts. This is done by assigning a Role to a contact in the list.  Whats beneficial here is that Stakeholder information can then be carried forward to Sales Projects, once the Prospect has been qualified.  Though, it's important to note that Roles in the Prospecting Process and the Sales Process must match in order for this to happen automatically.


Company Information

  • make contact using the details shown with a single click
  • click through to get to the company page
  • hover over the company name to see key info
  • Power user tip! hover over the company name and click <Add Field> to include additional information in the hover details, like skype number, twitter account, etc.

Contact or Stakeholder Information

  • click on the contact details easily call or email this contact
  • click through to get to the contacts page
  • hover over a contacts name to see key info
  • Power user tip! hover over the company name and click <Add Field> to include additional information in the hover details, like additional email address, mobile number, LinkedIn account, etc.
  • add a title or upload a profile pic for this contact
  • Set the contact as a Stakeholder in this Prospect. In Membrain, a Stakeholder is a person who has been assigned a key Role within a Sales Project or Prospect. 
  • Power user tip! When you set a contact as a Stakeholder in a Prospect, it will be carried over to a Sales Project Stakeholder 

Additional actions available here are:


Details is a brand new concept for Prospects. The Details area of a Prospect allows you to gather and view information that is important for this Prospect, and store it in your very own custom field. An example of a custom field might be Industry, Annual Revenue, Project Go live dates or any other piece of data that's important for you to track on this Prospect. Custom Fields must be created by your Membrain Administrator and incorporated into your Prospect Engagement Playbook before this feature will be available to see. 


Information you track in the Details area is not necessarily information that you base your decision on whether to qualify or disqualify a prospect on, but information that is relevant and important to this prospect nonetheless.

Expand the Details list by clicking on Details or on the expand_icon.png icon to expand and see more. Click expand_collapse_icon.PNG to collapse and streamline your view.




This area is where you can view and upload documents related to this Prospect. This list includes documents which have been:

  • uploaded directly to the Prospect
  • added to steps within the prospect process
  • attached to activities 
  • received as attachments within emails 

Click on the document_icon.PNG icon to upload a document


Activity Stream

Directly below the process, you find the Activity Stream. This is a great resource to see all the activity past, recent and future in chronological order. Every activity and change to the details of this prospect is recorded here. And all filterable of course to help you easily find the information you need.


You can also comment on these activities to keep all discussions right there in context, and even mention your colleagues to get their immediate attention on specific items. Learn more about Comments and Mentions



Categories have been sunsetted as a feature, and will no longer be available to add to new prospecting campaigns.  But don't fret, if you had categories in any older prospecting campaigns, they will still be available to you.