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The sales project view is where you find all the information about a particular sales project. Its where you bring the sales project through your unique sales process, step by step, stage by stage, right through to the end of its life cycle where it is finally won or archived.
Locate your Sales Projects from the Active Pipeline or Sales Project list from the wallet icon wallet_icon.PNG in the main menu, use the search icon search_icon.PNG to locate a specific project. Or just hit S (search) on your keyboard and start typing.



Sales Project Overview

In the upper part of this view, you find the fundamentals of the sales project.  


  • the name of the Sales Project
  • the company this sales project is tied to.
  • the value of the opportunity, in the currency of your choice.
  • the probability of winning the deal as % - hover to see a breakdown closing date.
  • the closing date - this is an estimate automatically generated based on your own sales process, and should only be edited when for example, you have specific and accurate information on a closing date.
  • the process this Sales Project belongs to.
  • the owner of this Sales Project. This is not the same as the Account Manager who is responsible for a Company. There could be multiple sales projects open for one Company, each with different owners.
Wherever you see text underlined with dots - click to edit 
Wherever you blue text - click to go to that item, hover to see additional information/links and click on the pen icon to edit. 

The Process Steps and Stages

In the main part of the screen is where you see the details of the sales project itself, laid out in a visual format which corresponds to your unique sales process. The sales project is divided into stages that are specific to your methodology and terminology. And in each stage are the steps which help you follow your sales process thoroughly. As these steps are completed, Membrain automatically moves the sales project forward through the process to the next uncompleted step. 


Best practice tips!

Always try to fully complete all steps under each stage of the sales process. But keep in mind you can manually move an opportunity from one stage to another simply by clicking on the stage header you want to move it to. 

You can also manually move to another step within a process by clicking on the stage you wish to move to and choosing Set as Next Step

Project Information

Below the steps and stages of the process itself, you will find additional information about the project itself.  This information gives you the extra background to the project, and shows you the results of the data that you have entered in the steps of the project. 

It also allows you to gather further information outside of the steps completed above.


What (left-hand box)

This box can contain any type of information about the sales project that you can filter, measure or analyze on. Numbers, lists, dates, etc all have a home in this box.

Who (middle box)

This is where you capture the people involved in the process and where you go beyond just their title. Is a CEO really the decision maker in this opportunity? Is a CTO an ambassador/sponsor/mobilizer or is that person a guard/talker/etc that is trying to thwart the project? Record this information here.

You can capture both external (people and resources from the prospective clients' company) or internal resources (such as pre-sales, technical sales resources or sales assistants from your own company).

This is also where you can easily get access to the contact details for any stakeholder by just moving your mouse cursor above the name of a sales project participant. This brings up a dialogue where you can not only access the information already identified for the stakeholder, but also edit and add new information.

Why (right-hand box)

This box is intended to capture the softer aspects of the sales project. Have we really gotten a good response to our most critical questions? Have we fully understood what this opportunity means for the client? Have we understood the client? There are many great sales questions and this is where they find a home in Membrain. 

The names for these boxes (What, Who & Why) are defaults and have been chosen to help you understand what information should be captured in each. These can be changed by an administrator as part of the initial setup to reflect your process terminology.

Activity Stream

Directly below these boxes, you find the Activity Stream. This is a great resource to see all the activity, past and future in chronological order. Every appointment, email, task, note... pretty much anything that ever happens within this sales project is recorded here. And all filterable of course to help you easily find the information you need.


You can also comment on these activities to keep all discussions right there in context, and even mention your colleagues to get their immediate attention on specific items.

To learn more about the Activity Stream


To the right of the Activity Stream is where you find the Participants list. This is a list of all the contacts (including stakeholders) who have an active role within this particular Sales Project. 

  • Click on the add_participant_icon.PNG add participant icon to add a participant to this sales process. 
  • Or click on the Org_chart_icon.PNG icon to view the Company Organisational Chart.



This area is where you where you can view and upload documents related to this sales project.  This list includes documents which have been:

  • uploaded directly in the Sales Project View
  • added to steps within the process
  • attached to activities 
  • received as attachments within emails 

Click on the document_icon.PNG icon to upload a document