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Automated Reports

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In some cases it's very handy to be able to easily bring data out of Membrain. Preferably in a format that almost everyone can use while still allowing you to keep working with the information if you need to drill down into it or do additional formulas and similar.

Using Membrains Automated Reports you can create a subscription of an Excel file that will be emailed to you, or somebody else, showing only the desired information on only the sales projects or prospects that are relevant for the report.

Great! So how do I get started?

  1. First off, start with what you want to achieve. Are you creating a forecast? Producing a sales report of the year that have passed so far? Putting together a list of the prospects that marketing have generated this month?
  2. Go to the Prospect list, or the sales project list depending on what "category" of information you're looking for.
  3. Click on the filter option found in the upper part of the page.
  4. Choose "create new filter".
  5. In the dialog that appears you can use all of the information you are capturing on a company, prospect or sales project to filter down and see only the specific ones you are after for this particular report. The advantage of creating the filter in this view is that you immediately can see the result. (NOTE: Do be sure that you don't have anything else turned on that limits the results you are looking at. The "owner" dropdown, the process selector and more all affect the view, but not the filter itself. So set these to "none" or "all" so that you see the entire dataset the filter will show)
  6. Once satisfied with the filter, save it. You can naturally go back and edit the filter until you are seeing exactly what you want to see.
  7. Now, use the Membrain menu to go to the "Admin" page (required administrative priviliges)
  8. On that page, you will find the Automated Reports link further down on that page, on the left-hand side of the screen.
  9. Clicking into the Automated Reports page you will now see a big clickable area where you can add a new report. If you already have several reports this may be a bit further down the screen.
  10. The first dialog will ask you to create either a prospect or a sales project report. Select which one you want to create.
  11. Next, Membrain will highlight the individual steps to follow to create the report. The first step is to select the filter you want to use for the report.
  12. The next is to select which data fields you want to the report to include. Here you can create a new configuration, or re-use something you've used previously for manual exports. 
  13. When you have defined the scope of what you want the report to include, it's time to enter the email addresses of the recipients of the reports. You can also have multiple recipients, just separate these with a comma to easily send a report to the entire leadership team, or a group of people from the operational side and similar.
  14. Finally, the last step is to set the schedule with this to send the report. This can be either weekly or monthly. When weekly you set the time to send it and on which weekdays. Then selecting monthly it's sent the first on every month you select at the time you set it for.

When that step is done your report is done, will automatically be toggled on and start to out on the schedule that you created. If that date is some ways off, and you want to see what the information looks like you can click on the blue "Send now" link found at the bottom of that specific report, right next to the information on when it was last sent.

How do I disable a report or delete it entirely?

To disable (or enable) a report, simply click on the toggle found in the left part of each report to easily turn it off and back on again at any time. To delete a report, hover above the left part of that screen, and small link to delete the report will appear. Do note that while you can't restore a deleted report, the filters and the field configuration will still remain so you won't lose much the actual setup of the report apart from the schedule and email recipients.